• This 21 Day Challenge course helped me rediscover the incredible promises of eternal life through Jesus and also how important is that we share this wonderful truth with others.” - Vladimir M. from Lakeland, FL
  • “I found the 21 Day Challenge to be very uplifting!  As a Christian, we all should want to learn more about Jesus and more about the way we should live as Christians.  I encourage others to take this course.” - Virgil J. from Winchester, KY
  • “This 21 Day Challenge was wonderful. I have read John several times but this format helped me to really get it deep into my spirit and I am encouraged to not be shy or afraid to share the Pocket-sized Gospels of John. Thank you and may our Lord continue to bless this ministry.” - Christina R. from Rosemead, CA

Join us for the The Word of Life 21-Day Challenge!


The 21-Day Challenge empowers you to become familiar with every detail in the life of Jesus Christ. In the process, you'll grow in your faith, your relationship with God, and your passion for reading God's Word.

It's easy:

  • 21 lessons emailed to you
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